Tour Operator Online Reservation Solutions

We have developed dynamic or traditional packaging systems for Tour Operators who want to merge their carefully planned products such as plane, hotel or cruise and enrich them with auxiliary service products.

With this solution that provides an opportunity for online sales, end customers and agencies can look into every kind of demand and combination. Tour Operator Online Reservation program, which we have developed by following the conditions and technologies of the developing market closely, presents a wider sales network for tour operators.

It also brings services and products such as plane, hotel, cruise, transfer, trip, travel insurance and car rental together with corporate (B2B) and end (B2C) customers; both separately and collectively. It serves tour operators with a management model that is comprehensive in managing content and makes sure that the products and services are always up to date.

Profitability, rising with technology

TOUR OPERATOR ONLINE RESERVATION SOLUTIONS, which are developed with the latest technologies in the sector, are prepared with the approach of SaaS (Software as a Service – Solution as a Service). This way, our customers can minimize operational costs and receive top-quality service with low costs whenever they want.

Why Tursys?

  • We provide web-based applications, accessible anywhere with an internet source
  • 24/7 professional technical support
  • User-friendly, developed and effective backoffice services
  • Fast and effective GDS and XML integration with Tursys Pool
  • Latest technologies in the architecture of web and mobile applications
  • Solutions that comply with the Software as a Service (Saas) business model

Improved Flight Inventory Management

Thanks to the web-based backoffice, the business we work with can use flight inventories in a fast and reliable manner. With all-around functionality and improved management techniques, they can increase their earnings systematically with solutions of allotment, pricing and flight timetable planning on short and long term. They can easily combine their identified flights with the hotels in the inventory.

  • Choosing flights on the basis of charter or allotment
  • Defining flights separately and serially
  • Pricing in accordance with the flight, option of periodical or seasonal pricing
  • Creating alternative flight classes and different pricing application
  • Practical definition of flight taxes and charges
  • Opportunity to determine prices gradually/dynamically (Economical, Flex, Premium etc.)
  • Defining multi-leg and intermediate-landing flights
  • Allotment notifications for agencies, operators or flights
  • Classification/pricing in accordance with operators and agencies
  • Option of identifying guaranteed and pro-rata allotment
  • Chance to provide release in accordance with the operators and agencies
  • Automatically sending PNL to to airlines, representatives, ground services or airports on IATA standards
  • Chance to create a voucher with an original design
  • Income and expense management

Improved Hotel Inventory Management

Our customers have the convenience of determining their hotel inventories in accordance with their daily and periodical needs. Also, the hotel documentation and visual update processes can be controlled via our content management panel that is available for practical use. Web-based backoffice service allows momentary revisions in the background.

  • Advanced content management system (CMS)
  • Listing hotels in accordance with various sub-categories (location, stars, concept, room type, room features etc.) in the content management system
  • Multiple languages in the content management system
  • Identifying hotel accommodations on day base, period base or arrangement (e.g, identifying a 3-day price as a single price)
  • Allotment entry in accordance with the agency
  • Allotment management, stop sale, deadline (release) determination
  • Defining hotel contracts with their costs
  • System entry of the suppliers
  • Uploading and easily managing hotel visuals in accordance with the sales channels (B2B-B2C)

Improved Cruise Inventory Management

Our business partners shape their cruise inventories in accordance with their periodical needs. Also, thanks to the "Special Package" solution, they can combine other additional products that provide various conveniences. Our comprehensive CMS management panel controls whether if the cruise visuals are up to date. Web-based backoffice service allows momentary revisions in the background.

  • Advanced content management system (CMS)
  • Listing cruises in accordance with various features (geographical region, country, cruise company, floor, concept, room type, room features etc.) in the content management system
  • Multiple languages in the content management system (CMS)
  • Periodically defining cruise accommodations
  • Allotment notification in accordance with the agency
  • Allotment management, stop sale, deadline (release) determination
  • Identifying cruise contracts with their costs
  • Supplier entry
  • Uploading and easily managing cruise visuals in accordance with the sales channels (B2B-B2C)
  • Feature of combining additional products

Dynamic Packaging

Our users have the privilege of combining the plane, hotel (or cruise) and transfer (if necessary) services within the inventory.

  • Displaying the total fee resulting from the combination
  • Feature of adding the plane links in XML format

Package Tour

This traditional package solution prices the flights and hotels that have been previously identified to the inventory of our clients as a single product under the "package tour" name.

  • Convenience of combining flight and hotel options in accordance with the desired combinations
  • Presenting the defined flights and hotels at a single price
  • Transfer adding option

Special Package

Special Package service plans travelling in a detailed and dynamic manner. Flights, hotels or cruises can be combined with products such as private transfer services, trips at the vacation spot, travel insurance and car rental. This way, services and products are combined into an exclusive product package.

  • Flight
  • Hotel
  • Cruise
  • Private transfer (VIP services, escort, public transport etc.)
  • Travel insurance
  • Car rental
  • Additional services (Museum, excursion and tours, special training, various couses, concerts etc.)

Sales And Distribution Channels

With solutions that are in line with the target audience and the desired business models, our customers have the opportunity to make comprehensive and flexible e-commerce. They can conduct their business either by getting into direct contact with the end consumer (B2C) or in the structure of an agency, tour operator or consolidator. As Tursys, we present the wide product range and inventory of the Tour Operator to online travel agencies through GDS and certain distribution channels. We make sure that our customers save time and labor by using a fast and effective method with the Tursys Pool integration.

  • Agency and sub-agency management (B2B)
  • Final consumer (B2C) web site
  • Kiosk
  • Chance to prepare a promotion/campaign
  • Multi-GDS support
  • OTA XML integration

Accounting And Methods Of Payment

It is very important to reflect each product separately or collectively (package) with a simple and clear management panel by taking product range into account. The accounting system that we present in the scope of Tour Operator Online Reservation Solutions can be shaped towards the needs of our customers and integrated to external general accounting systems. Banks and intermediary institutions can be contacted and current payment models can be connected locally and abroad in a fast and reliable manner; the remaining local needs are developed in the light of the proper documentation.

  • Integration to general accounting systems
  • Invoice tracking and automation
  • Multiple currencies
  • Credit Cart and Debit Card (SOFORT)
  • Online banking (IDEAL)
  • Credit and current account
  • MCO working model

Original Web Design

We fulfill the needs and demands of our customers by using the latest technology in the web/mobile application architecture and strengthen their businesses with easily manageable and dynamic designs. In parallel with the growth data of our solution partners, we conduct indexing in accordance with the criteria of the search engine and support their usage of social media.

  • Visionary and original web site design and programming
  • Faultlessly transmitting the site content to mobile and tablet devices with responsive web design
  • Search engine optimization module (SEO)
  • Improved content management (CMS)
  • Chance to develop a mobile app (IOS, Android)
  • Multiple language support


The statistics are very important in terms of planning the future of a company. Our programmable, effective and automatic reporting system that is in line with every demand and our capacity of presenting the reports in the desired format make daily work much easier.

  • Flexible and automatic reporting
  • Detailed transfer report
  • Sales reports that belong to the customers' own inventories
  • Chance to monitor the sales reports of external systems
  • A report that notifies hotel accommodations day by day
  • A report that shows the hotel name, number of guests and the number of nights etc. for all reservations
  • A report that provides the list of vacant rooms
  • A report that displays collections per reservation
  • A detailed report that groups reservations in accordance with the hotel and the date of entry
  • A report that shows the allocation of allotment and the information of the sold ones, stop sale or release
  • A passenger list that belongs to our customers' own inventory
  • Reservation status report of the agencies; amount of reservations and guests per agency etc.
  • Efficient business planning model that includes reports controlling the vacancy in reservations per agency
  • Report of the sold extras
  • Chance to fasten processes with reporting that shows profitability by grouping the placed reservations per agency
  • Profitability report per agency
  • Cost report
  • Detailed solution opportunities thanks to reports that show whether if these costs have been controlled or not by filtering the cost items within the reservation per supplier
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