Internet Solutions

Tursys: Your solution partner in online services.

We know that the web sites of our customers are their showcases that are open 24/7. We also believe that a visionary and reliable identity should be reflected through these showcases. Therefore, we design products which can easily fulfill trading goals with rich content and multiple language support. We provide solutions prepared with new technologies that will diversify our partners.

With our responsive web design, we flawlessly transmit the site content to desktop computers, mobile and tablet devices. This way, we make sure that the target audience can reach the services of businesses through multiple channels.

With the user-friendly structure of our effective and developed backoffice service, we reflect all developments and changes to web sites at the same time. Also, we contribute to the online power of our

partners with services of social media account management; we provide rich content to the platforms you meet with your consumers such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin.

With our exclusively-prepared search engine optimization panel (SEO), we make sure that our partners can easily apply the processes of search engine opimization and indexing (registry to search engines). In the light of certain goals, we make sure that businesses are well ahead of their competitors and they make a difference in internet searching.

For content management, we use the content management system panel (CMS) and help businesses obtain visuality, functionality and currency in line with your visions. We can have our customers use the web sites with a short orientation training.

Why Tursys?

  • We provide web-based applications, accessible anywhere with an internet source
  • 24/7 professional technical support
  • User-friendly, developed and effective backoffice services
  • Fast and effective GDS and XML integration with Tursys Pool
  • Latest technologies in the architecture of web and mobile applications
  • Solutions that comply with the Software as a Service (Saas) business model

What can we do for you?

  • Visionary and original web site design and programming
  • Faultlessly transmitting the site content to mobile and tablet devices with responsive web design
  • Search engine optimization module (SEO)
    • - Friendly URL
    • - Title and meta adjustment solutions for every page
    • - HTML editor conforming to W3C standards
  • Advanced content management (CMS)
    • - Menu and page managing
    • - Popup & popout pages that open up at the entry and the exit
    • - Newsletter subscriptioni
    • - FAQ module
    • - Panel for adding news and announcements
    • - Platform for managing guest comments
    • - Placing and managing the banners on the site
    • - Preparing sales lists
  • Developing mobile apps (IOS, Android)
  • Multiple language support
  • Social media integration (Facebook, Twitter...etc)
If you want more information about our solutions, please contact us by filling out the "Request Form" section.