Consolidator Online Reservation Solutions

Developed for consolidators who receive the most appropriate flight data from external systems and gather these alternatives with the target audience in their own reservation-sales system.

Consolidators who act by a wholesaler model determine their flight data via GDS (Global Distribution System), IATA and Non-IATA suppliers with our reservation solution and gather them in the Tursys Pool. Also, thanks to the practical XML technology, they can gather them in line with the needs.

With our smart pricing system, our customers can conduct their operations through the desired sales channels (B2C and B2B) in the fastest and most accurate manner while receving effective and reliable service. Also, the UX (user-friendly) design of our flight management panel provides fast and effective usage. This way, our users can maximize their incomes and minimize their expenses.

Profitability, rising with technology

Consolidator Online Reservation Solutions,, which are developed with the latest technologies in the sector, are prepared with the approach of SaaS (Software as a Service – Solution as a Service). This way, our customers can minimize operational costs and receive top-quality service with low costs whenever they want.

Why Tursys?

  • We provide web-based applications, accessible anywhere with an internet source
  • 24/7 professional technical support
  • User-friendly, developed and effective backoffice services
  • Fast and effective GDS and XML integration with Tursys Pool
  • Latest technologies in the architecture of web and mobile applications
  • Solutions that comply with the Software as a Service (Saas) business model


We integrate the reservation systems of airline and/or flight suppliers and provide the opportunity to make a coordinated reservation. More importantly, our customers who make reservations with their preferred safe payment methods create a reliable image with e-tickets that are originally designed.

  • Function opportunities (cancellation, refund, rebooking, etc.) in accordance with the trade agreements with external systems
  • PNR approval received from external systems
  • E-tickets/vouchers with original design

Sales Channels

The system is developed in compliance with the target audience and the business models and extends the e-commerce potentials of our customers effectively. They can conduct their business either by getting into direct contact with the end consumer (B2C) or in the structure of an agency, tour operator or consolidator.

  • Agency and sub-agency management (B2B)
  • Final consumer (B2C) web site
  • Chance to prepare a promotion/campaign

Methods Of Payment

As Tursys, we contact banks and intermediary institutions and combine the existing domestic/foreign payment models with safe methods. We also develop the remaining local needs of our customers in the light of the proper documentation and provide services with rich content.

  • Credit Cart and Debit Card (SOFORT)
  • Online banking (IDEAL)
  • Credit and current account
  • MCO working model

GDS and XML Integration

We integrate the wide product range of the airline and other flight suppliers with the systems of our clients and support the integration of businesses with the outside world. We make sure that our customers save time and labor by using a fast and effective method with the Tursys Pool integration.

  • Multi-GDS support
  • OTA XML integration

Improved Inventory Management

Thanks to the web-based backoffice, the business we work with can use inventories in a fast and reliable manner. With mark-up, allotment, sub-allotment, agency and sub-agency solutions, the earnings are increased systematically.

  • Mark-up opportunity on selling prices
  • Defining flights separately and serially
  • Pricing in accordance with the flight, option of periodical or seasonal pricing
  • Creating alternative flight classes and different pricing application
  • Practical defining of flight taxes and charges
  • Opportunity to determine prices gradually/dynamically (Economical, Flex, Premium etc.)
  • History tracking and reporting of all registries entered/changed in the flight database
  • Defining multi-leg and intermediate-landing flights
  • Allotment notifications for agencies, operators or flights
  • Option of using guaranteed and pro-rata allotment
  • Chance to provide release in accordance with the operators and agencies
  • Classification/pricing in accordance with operators and agencies
  • Income and expense management

Original Web Design

We fulfill the needs and demands of our customers by using the latest technology in the web/mobile application architecture and strengthen their businesses with easily managable and dynamic designs. In parallel with the growth data of our solution partners, we conduct indexing in accordance with the criteria of the search engine and support their usage of social media.

  • Visionary and original web site design and programming
  • Faultlessly transmitting the site content to mobile and tablet devices with responsive web design
  • Search engine optimization module (SEO)
  • Advanced content management (CMS)
  • Chance to develop a mobile app (IOS, Android)
  • Multiple language support


Maintaining an accounting discipline in daily works is vital for every company. Individual and corporate data needs to be organized in a manner that will be easily understood real-time by the users. With our privileges that provides a solution for all of these, we integrate the external accounting systems within the functions in the pre-accounting structure in the system and activate the business dynamics in an official capacity.

  • Integration to general accounting systems
  • Invoice tracking and automation services
  • Multiple currencies
  • Current account tracking


The statistics are very important in terms of planning the future of a company. Our programmable, effective and automatic reporting system that is in line with every demand and our capacity of presenting the reports in the desired format make daily work much easier.

  • Flexible and automatic reporting
  • Detailed sales reports
  • Detailed transfer report
  • A passenger list that belongs to our customers' own flights
  • Tracking the market dynamics via the status report that contains the reservation numbers of the agencies
  • Efficient business planning model that includes reports controlling the vacancy in reservations per agency
  • Chance to fasten processes with reporting that shows profitability by grouping the placed reservations per agency
  • Profitability report per agency
  • Cost report
  • Detailed solution opportunities thanks to reports that show whether if these costs have been controlled or not by filtering the cost items within the reservation per supplier
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