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About us

Tursys Travel Technologies

Ever since we were founded in 1995, we have been working with distinguished software and hardware companies and effectively presenting our products to our customers. Our leading services in tourism and aviation continue to provide efficiency to the work lives of civil aviation organizations, tour operators, travel agencies and consolidators. For a bright future, we continue to develop solutions with our expert staff in information technologies. We support our customers by sharing our experience in aviation and tourism.

We adopt sectoral professionalism and "Software as a Service (SaaS)" business model as principles. We provide internet solutions of online travel systems to our customers. With our database, XML, software and design team, we take innovative steps on B2B (Business-to-Business) and B2C (Business-to-Consumers) online reservation projects.

Our goal: "Solution oriented developments"

Our strategy and mission is based on increasing the efficiency and profitability of our customers with modern methods such as internet technologies. Based on this goal, we develop systems and services that increase efficiency, are easy to use and in compliance with technological developments with our expert staff and project-based business partners. We know that the efficiency of our solutions is not limited with sales and we fulfill the business demands of our clients with trainings and after-sales support.

We know that the targeted satisfaction first goes through a precise and efficient solution. We have combined our 21 years of sectoral experience in tourism and aviation with a young and creative team. Without any compromise on our solution oriented principles, we will continue to maintain the quality level of Tursys with a business approach that is based on mutual trust.



Taking the needs of our customers into account and;
  • Without forgetting that "Being ordinary is falling behind", becoming a renowned brand in domestic and foreign markets by developing new solutions in tourism and travel and getting ready for different trends in changing market conditions.
  • Developing internet based technology in tourism sector with rational and innovative methods and fulfilling demands and expectations at the highest level.


  • Providing absolute customer satisfaction by delivering the product without a fault and on time.
  • Developing long-term cooperations with our partner companies based on mutual trust.
  • Contributing to the future by breaking new ground in tourism and aviation.
  • Respecting the environment and using resources in the most effective way possible by acting with social responsibility.


  • Becoming a quality and reliable company in the sector by applying Total Quality Management.
  • Providing complete satisfaction with customer oriented management.
  • Increasing the motivation of the employees by constantly providing trainings and an appropriate work environment.
  • Gaining advantage over rival companies by tracking the latest innovations and technologies in the sector.
  • Increasing efficiency by constant activities of improvement and development.